Using Pond Filters, Fountain Lighting and Color to Create a Gorgeous Healthy Pond or Lake

When there are ponds on golf course properties, or the land hotels are situated upon, keeping them clean and clear is very important. Algae, weeds, cattails, lily pads and other growth can soon take ponds over completely, creating an unsightly look to the property. When they’re aerated properly, the pond or lake will remain clear, creating a beautiful appearance to the property and surrounding grounds.

Pond and Lake Aerators

Log onto to see all the products this company has to offer property, and business owners. They have herbicides, algaecides, solar and surface aerators, pond filters and pond pumps. All of these types of products work to make ponds and small lakes more beautiful. Water additives, such as pond dye is also available to create a soft color to pond lighting incorporated along with decorative fountains.

Ideas and Advice

It’s easy to create an online account with a company that has many ideas and creative advice property owners can utilize when aerating or adding lighting to their own ponds and lakes. Most people need help figuring out exactly what kind of treatment their pond should have. Many home and business owners have never heard of fire fountains, weed rakes or Otterbine large lake fountains. They may also have Koi fish growing in their ponds, and require special feeders to automatically feed fish twice a day.

Affordable Prices

Knowing which company has the most affordable prices for their products will save a lot of a customer’s money. Some fish feeds carry a price tag of $795 to $995, depending on the size needed. A pond filter can cost from $119 to $4929, depending on the size of the pond. The money spent on these products can carry an extravagant cost, but considering the beauty they create and the length of time they last, it’s worth it to the golf course or hotel’s business.

Availability of Products

One of the most important things to realize is the fact that all of these products can be ordered online directly from the company’s website, or by telephone. Advice is available through customer service, and products can be delivered to the business or residence.